JSHA Series Mixer

Uses : 

Applicability of this model is wide, it can be used for

mixing general and special release agent, the structure

is simple, and easy to maintain.


This model has complete liquid level controller that uses liquid dosing cylinder, when mixing, the dosage

of release agent is constant, combined with the float switch, it achieves a stable blending result. Soft

water is most suitable for release agent. Atomizer will easily get clogged when groundwater is used, but

filter was installed at water inlet of machine to optimize quality of water. A Y-type filter was installed at

outlet to prevent impurities that affect operation of diaphragm pump.Beneficial to product quality.

Ratio range:(1) JSHA-100 from 50 to 150 times; (2) JSHA-50 from 100 to 300 times。


Functions : 

1. When the solution reaches lower limit, the release agent dosing cylinder will automatically start, the

   water valve will automatically open, and fill up until mixture level reaches upper limit.

2. When the lower limit at release agent is activated, the red light flashes, alarm is on, please add release


3. When the outlet pressure is low (less than 4kg/cm ), please clean or replace the inlet filter and check

    the air pressure( normally above 5kg/cm )